Contrary to some people’s conception of clenbuterol, as an ancient preparation, it was designed not so long ago. Immediately after the creation of clenbuterol fell into the category of cult products – it endowed properties anabolic and fat burning agent at the same time! That is, the drug is, in theory, should have been at the same time promote the growth of muscle and burn excess body fat. Indeed, the combination of invaluable for bodybuilders. And this despite the fact that its structure clenbuterol was not a hormonal drug that is initially been spared the inherent anabolic steroids side affects. Alas, the inspection of clenbuterol and could not stand.

Firstly, quickly it turned out, that in its structure the newly created drug still closely related to some hormones, namely – to adrenaline and noradrenaline. Secondly. their properties anabolic clenbuterol appears only in experiments on animals, persistently “ignoring” of people, even in cases when the dose was adjusted to 1000-1200 mg per day, which is simply not safe to live Third, fat burner medication was pretty mediocre significantly inferior growth hormone, the combination of “ephedrine – caffeine – aspirin.” not to mention the DNP. However, in conjunction with the terms, and especially their properties motforminom fat burner “maple” showed better now, but still …

And yet, despite this apparent disappointment klenbutorol took a firm place in the “pharmacological arsenal” bodybuilders.


Clenbuterol was virtually irreplaceable in the conditions when caloric intake is greatly reduced. I must say that high-carbohydrate diets, which many bodybuilders “confession” for most of the preparatory period, teaches the body to ignore this source of fuel as fat. And in a low-carbohydrate diet in our body but can regroup and switch to the use of “fat allowance” instead of “throwing into the furnace” proteins, which it extracts from our own so hard to build muscle. So, clenbuterol puts everything in its place, causing the body to switch to a more suitable kind of “fuel”, namely subcutaneous fat. That is, the main purpose of clenbuterol – disposal of fat and preservation of muscles during the “drying”. What will agree, not so little.

Equally important during the ‘drying’ and is another trait of clenbuterol: It markedly reduces catabolism by slowing the breakdown of protein is particularly well “Maple” protects “fast” muscle fibers.

Have clenbuterol and another, not quite normal, the area of ??application. The fact that the dosage of 300-400 micrograms per day drug exhibits pronounced Clenbuterol … catabolic capacity. However, at the same time it promotes the release of injured muscle fibers growth factors, which makes it possible in patients receiving high doses of aromatizable drugs (the most suitable here can be regarded as testosterone) to achieve this “explosion” in the growth of muscle. How does it look in practice?

Once a week, a large muscle groups (legs, back, chest) is subjected to traumatic workout, during which use techniques such as “rest – pause” negative repetitions, sets, and so forced. N. On the day of exercise is taken 8-10 tablets clenbuterol steroid (for 2-3 hours), it is assumed that the athlete in this time uses testosterone in an amount not less than 1 g per week. Consumption of protein in this day is to increase by 1.5-2 times compared with the usual norm, with special emphasis on amino acids, especially BCAA. You can not train in a style more than one muscle group per week, the same muscle group can be trained so that no more than once in 2-3 weeks.

Clenbuterol as “potentser ‘process flavoring

clenbuterol steroidAromatization, you must have already learned – not always a negative phenomenon. A high level of estradiol in the blood contributes to the accelerated accumulation of glycogen in the muscles, as well as upregulation (increase the amount) of androgen receptors. High levels of estradiol helps to achieve more impressive results in the recruitment of muscle mass.

High, but not above a certain limit, beyond which estradiol to men from other turns into an enemy. So, clenbuterol, being an agonist adrenergic contributes significantly accelerate the process of aromatization of androgens. Naturally, it provided its regular use. For those drugs that have “refresher rating of” very low, a property of clenbuterol can be very helpful, but in the case of use with “maple” testosterone or methandrostenolone clenbuterol steroid (meaning dosage clenbuterol about 80-200 micrograms per day) acceleration of the process flavoring can lead to very negative consequences.

Clenbuterol is to improve the training process

Clenbuterol is used in small amounts (20-40 g) 1-2 hours before exercise, more able to improve its quality. What do I mean by quality? In this case, the drug is capable enough to significantly increase the power of your performance, as well as enhance the blood circulation in the muscles. Believe me, I know whereof I speak – “Pumping” in the case of “maple” is simply stunning. If you take medication on a regular basis, take 1 tablet (40 mg) of clenbuterol before training and the rest of the daily dose – after. Do not forget, however, that clenbuterol slightly reduces the possibility of the body’s glycogen Escrow clenbuterol pills, although sporadic use of it only in very small extent able to influence this process.


The usual dosage of clenbuterol make 40-160 micrograms a day, although the dose can be raised up to 200-240 mg. Typically, the stop on the average – 120 micrograms per day. Although the half-life of the drug exceeding the day (35 hours) it is recommended to take daily.

The use of clenbuterol leads to downregulation adrenergic, so taking it necessary to limit two-week period, followed by a two-week break to recover the amount of adrenergic. Another interesting property of the drug – the ability to enhance fat burning effect from cycle to cycle. So if the first cycle of clenbuterol did not give tangible results, do not be discouraged after two or three cycles, “maple” fat burner begins to exhibit the properties to the full.

Side effects

Clenbuterol have a “bouquet” of side effects, which particularly sinister light shine headaches, insomnia, general anxiety and heart rhythm disturbances. “Remarkable” side effect is a pronounced tremor of the upper limbs (hand shake). However, a week after the start of the drug all the “pobochki” gradually come to “no.” It should be said about another. Acceptance of clenbuterol in dosages exceeding 1.2 mg for men can be fatal clenbuterol pills. So try to avoid unnecessary experiments on “enhancing fat-burning properties” of the drug

Combination with other drugs

Admission clenbuterol makes sense in Combination with triiodothyronine. Very good results are obtained by combined use of clenbuterol (at a dosage of 120-160 mg per day) and metformin (2550 mg daily). Drugs are not only able to enhance each other’s action, clenbuterol in such a combination is possible to eliminate some of the negative consequences of the use of metformin, in particular, the growing sense of fatigue.

The ability to enhance to some extent the effectiveness of the drug clenbuterol has such as ketotifen. He can partially avoid downregulation adrenergic inevitably arises as a result of receiving clenbuterol, and extend the drug to 3-4 weeks. The ability to enhance the action of clenbuterol and possess anabolic steroids, particularly those characterized by testosterone and oxandrolone.